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  • Are you are looking to buy a great pair of cheap eyeglasses? geekguy
  • Can you find glasses that are  affordable yet high quality  online?
  • Will  I be able to get  be a good fitting pair from a reliable source on the internet?
  • Not sure which site is the best place to purchase from? 
  • Can I get a refund if they aren’t right or don’t fit?

Then you have come to the right place. We have reviewed the best sites  online so you can make the right choice.

There are many good eyeglass sites on the internet today.  There are countless online discount eyeglass stores and finding what you are looking for is certainly overwhelming.  WE  have purchased glasses online  from several of these sites and read tons of reviews looking for the best online eyeglasses stores.  We  know this information here will help you with that search for finding the right pair of glasses for you and your family -

We sincerely hope this narrows the options down a bit so you can find that best online glasses site that will make the buying eyewear online experience easy and satisfying.eyeglasses

Best Online Eyeglasses Site:  What to Look For

The online stores you’ll find in our review section are the best when it comes to buying  eyeglasses online. From an incomparable selection that’s better than any you’d find at any local sellers  to low prices thanks to  no store overhead – no rent, labor or designer licensing fees that you’d pay for an optometrist office – to contracting directly with frame and lens manufacturers overseas.

The best online eyeglasses site should offer lots of good quality frame and lens options, lots of options for extras, a full range of shipping, and great customer service.

We used the following to compare the best online eyeglasses sites:


There are multiple frame options an online eyeglasses site  should have available. For this category, we looked to see whether retailers offer good quality frames for every type person with a good variety to choose from.  Including a page and options just for women, a page for men and of course a page just for children’s eyewear.  Of course they should notes, as  well the unisex frames, and have  a great selection of frames in a variety of rim styles, differing materials, always explaining the frame dimensions, sizes and colors, and posting reviews of people that have bought them.  Some of the sites actually have an option to print out the lifesize frame to see if it is a fit for your face.

We also looked to see if these stores sell sunglasses and goggles, and if they provide a virtual try-on  glasses widget that lets you upload a photo of your face to try on a pair of frames virtually.


Lenses are the most important piece in your eyewear, so  an  online eyeglasses site  should offer all the popular lens types, the best materials and all the add-ons to ensure that your order is  exactly what you need for your personal  correction.  We looked to see whether other sites provide reading glasses, single-vision lenses, progressives, bifocals and trifocals, as well as lenses constructed from high-index plastic, polycarbonate or photochromic (Transitions) lenses. Additionally, we checked to see if they offer anti-glare coating, UV coating, sunglasses tints, polarization and lens tints in a variety of colors.


There are several other  extras to look for when choosing the best online  glasses site. We looked for  online stores  that offer contact lenses in addition to eyeglasses, as well as clip-on sunglasses, a sale area and coupon codes at the checkout terminal. (make sure you always use the latest coupon code inserted in the box marked coupon code during your final check out process)


Getting your glasses quickly is often very necessary when buying eyewear online. To evaluate stores in this category, we checked to see if they provide free shipping and expedited shipping. Additionally, we looked to see if they offer order tracking, international shipping and whether if their return policies extended to at least 30 days.

Help & Support The best  customer support is important when you are buying eyeglasses online. The best online sites  should give several contact options, from toll-free phone and email support to live chat assistance during regular business hours. We also wanted to see if the stores we reviewed offer FAQs and how-to-order guides.

Online glasses sites  are part of a growing industry that is expanding  in popularity thanks to these stores offering  lots  of  wonderful benefits you simply can’t get at an “brick and mortars” store. From offering  great selections of nice  frames in every style and color you could imagine  to offering all the lens options  you need to meet every vision-correction possibility you may have,  the sites in our  buying eyeglasses online reviews are sure to provide you with the best eyeglasses shopping experience  online.

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