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30% plus free shipping on Eyeglasses at GlassesUSA

I am sharing this Glasses USA Review to save you some time in choosing the best online glasses site to help with your  buying eyewear online shopping experience.  I would say that although Glasses USA is not the least expensive, they do offer really quality frames and service, and they have a lowest price guarantee on their designer frames.  So all in all this site is top rated! 

When buying eyewear online from Glasses USA, you will first off choose the frame you like.  You will need to narrow it down of course from all the frames The cost advertised on Glasses is the base cost, and if you want any extras, there are extra fees for progressives, transitions, etc.

If one was to  compare the cost between and a regular retail store, you will find it is a significant savings to buy online. My  most recent retail store purchase were a pair of eyeglasses with progressive vision transition lenses, which I paid approximately $350  not including the eye exam, and this was at the cheapest discount store in the town I was living in at the time.

With Glasses USA the glasses would have been the base cost of $48 + the transition lens cost which is $119, so the final price for a similar pair of glasses would have been $167 with free shipping, which is a savings of almost 50 percent.


What I  enjoyed  about ordering glasses online from Glasses USA:

  • Very good quality frames and lenses, some designer choices
  • 110% lowest price guarantee, which is awesome!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A great return policy
  • A generous refer-a-friend program (You can get $30 for each first purchase a referred friend makes – and use the $30 towards your next pair of glasses)
  • A Facebook page with exclusive discounts for fans
  • A virtual mirror that allows you to “try on” your glasses before you buy them.
  • Free shipping on all US orders with the discount code: freeship10



 What I don’t like about ordering glasses online:

  • Not being able to try on the frame to see how it fits, this is always the drawback with ordering online.

However, with the savings, and the money back guarantee   I  cannot justify the extra expense of purchasing a pair of eye glasses from a retail store again. With the easy return policy and the free shipping, ordering glasses online becomes extremely attractive.

At Glasses USA you can buy prescription glasses, reading glasses, sun glasses and more. You can choose between single vision, bifocals and multifocals, and when it comes to frames you have the choice between metal, plastic and titanium frames.

The  Glasses USA return policy:

We do our best at to ensure that all frames and lenses are produced to perfection and according to the prescription and specific needs and of our customers. Our optical experts put each pair of eyeglasses through our 5-stripe process of excellence in order to inspect the accuracy of the prescription lenses and the frame alignment. We also ensure that the frames are properly protected for shipment. If you are, for any reason, not completely satisfied with your eyeglasses, you may return them to us for a refund or a NEW pair of glasses – no questions asked! We will be happy to exchange your glasses or offer you a refund- NO MATTER WHAT… no questions asked!

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